Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thor: the movie review

I should start off saying that Thor can be reviewed two different ways

  1. being to review it as a stand-alone movie with no outside factors going into it
  2. being to review it as a part of a comic-book movie series
If I were to review it as a stand-alone movie it would get a horrible score. It has a forgettable, almost non-existent plot, everything is way over-the-top, and it doesn't  seem realistic at all. But, I am not reviewing it as a stand-alone movie, because it's not. It is part of a bigger comic-book movie series, and everything in it is justified  with that in mind.
And, with that being said...


Of course, the movie was ,by far, not perfect. The plot  really wasn't a big thing in the movie, it was separated into very different parts, and it made it seem very inconsistent. the beginning explained the origins of Asgard and Thor, and included what I like to call every super-heroes "bad-ass moment" (where he or she shows off what they can do and everyone says "that was bad-ass") but that one scene took about ten to twenty minutes, and it seem very prolonged and unessential. What happened in those twenty minutes could have been explained in about five, but the small things they did add into it helped create the world around them, and that is always a good thing.
The second part of the movie was goes a little bit like this: talk, talk, talk, mild plot twist, bad guy talks, and they all talk some more.
The third part of the movie was the big action scene/resolution. Before this part I was very disappointed in the movie for the above reasons. But at the start of the third part something so cliche and over-done happened, and I have no idea how, but it made me love the movie. I remember sitting in my seat, before it happened, thinking  about how disappointed I was, but then the moment happened and a giant smile went across my face.

Here would usually be where someone would rate the movie, but I'm not going to do that (ha, I being different internet) but I will give my final thoughts.

The movie had great acting and everyones role was believable. The scenery was exaggerated a bit, but when everything came together it justified all of it. I do recommend this movie, but only to people who are interested in it, and if you have a certain mind-frame going in.

You thought I was done didn't you, but I'm not. Now I am going to talk about some news (what I initially started this blog to do)
For any and all who have netflix and like marvel you are in luck, because by this summer netflix will have every single marvel cartoon ever made ( and expect reviews of most of them also) 

and keeping with Thor and cartoon, watch this trailer for a new animated movie

This trailer actually looks more epic than the live-action one

So, to any and all who are reading this (probably no one) stay tuned, comment, criticize, and all that other good stuff. 

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