Friday, April 29, 2011

Project Cafe

I really wanted my first real post to be about the new nintendo console in the works, Project Cafe.
But the more I looked up for it, the more I thought, what was I going to write about. (and honestly I don't even know where I am going with this right now)

For any one you who doesn't know what Project Cafe is, 
It is the internet given name for the confirmed, new Nintendo console that will be "playable" at E3 this year, and that is really all we know about it.  The day it was confirmed to be real by Nintendo the internet was bombed with speculations and rumors, and while most sound extremely cool and quite possible, absolutely none of it is confirmed by Nintendo. 

Some of the major gaming websites have had these few rumors in common on their lists:

  • Probably the biggest and most diverse rumor is about the controller 
    • most of the rumors say it will be more-or-less like the GameCube or classic controller, but it is said to have a touch screen like the DS
    • I think that this would be an interesting way for Nintendo to go back to the traditional style of gaming while still giving it something new and innovative
    • There have been some ideas on what they would look like:

This one I think looks ugly, but it gives you a nice idea on what it might look like

This one I think looks more realistic, but a little awkward to hold

  • The next major rumor (without all the techno-bable that makes me feel stupid) is that it will have graphics and power on par with, if not better than, the current Xbox 360 and PS3
    • This rumor almost has to be true. When the Wii came out and Nintendo said they were going to make a system less powerful then their current competitors, it blew people's minds. 
    • With that being said though, I know Nintendo isn't stupid enough to not know that people like a powerful system. And if this system is supposedly for more of the hard-core gamer than the Wii was, (and honestly that isn't hard to do) they will need to have a lot of power to support a lot more hard-core games

When I read over what I have so far, I still don't know what to think. I covered what I thought was important,  but I feel I left out minor things about the system.
I think that because I take rumors with a very fine grain of sand (if thats even the phrase) it is so hard for me to write about something that no one knows anything about. (so honestly there was no point in making this post!!!)

So to any and all who are reading this (again, probably no one) I hope you enjoyed my mash-up of text vomit, and  comment, criticize, and all that other good stuff.

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  1. I'd like to see 4'th gen consoles soon. The outdated xbox 360's and ps3's are holding what can be done back, and I'd like to see nintendo catch up. I'm a pc gamer, but I do have to recognize what nintendo has done for gaming as a whole. Hopefully they still have money to do this, after the tsunami and all.